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Working on behalf of the Donor community, the main role of the World Institute will be to systematically identify where donated funds are being wasted; propose process and systems changes; train Executives and Trustees and Directors of organisations receiving funds (mainly local charities); certify charities and other organisations relating to their capabilities particularly governance practices; monitor progress and provide continuing support to local charities and local organisations; undertake consultancy and be an advocate of good governance in the sector. The WI will receive fees from donor organisations and from beneficiaries who will be encouraged to utilise its services. The experience of the World Institute in managing this activity on behalf of a variety of donors, and specialising and focusing on this subject will be extremely beneficial to donors as our work will be independent of funder relationships and adhere to global standards.

The World Institute will work in close liaison with Governments, NGOs, Foundations, Charities, Universities, Management Consultancies and Business and, and utilise “best in class” training methods and methodologies; and will share knowledge from research and experience with all interested parties. It will work cooperatively and effectively with existing organisations who are also seriously working on these subjects and its goal will be to bring better control and discipline to a sector that is growing substantially in both financial terms and in inefficiency and waste.


Ensure donations impact on people’s lives


Ensure donations impact on people’s lives

Local NGO’s

- Certification

- Training

- Mismanagement   prevention and       investigation

- Technology

Global NGO’s

- Track donations

- Mismanagement   prevention and       investigation

- Technology

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